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Marybank Visit to Culloden 1995

Marybank was a fantastic place to visit lots of historic sites, as it is located not far from the east coast and still in easy reach of the west. Many historic events happened in the Highlands and we were fortunate enough to be able to visit the sites of these important events in our history.

A very important site is Culloden Moor, where Bonnie Prince Charlie was defeated by the British army led by the Duke of Cumberland, also known as ‘the Butcher’, due to the killing of captured prisoners and wounded Highlanders on the moor. The Prince managed to evade capture and finally was smuggled over to Skye by Flora MacDonald.

During our visit to Culloden, pupils naturally had a tour of the battlefield and saw all the stones marking the clansmen who died there that day. We were given the tour by Alan Breck Stewart (I’m sure he named himself this on the day), who is a Jacobite character from Robert Louis Stevenson’s novel ‘Kidnapped’. Pupils were able to dress up as Highlanders of the day and charge about as if in battle. It was fun, but also brought home the sadness of the place.

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