About My Historic Photos

About Scozia

For almost sixty years I have enjoyed taking photographs and have many prints, and more recently digital images.  There have been many wonderful memories in my life that I wanted to make them available for others to enjoy. For more than thirty I have been teaching and prior to that I worked with kids in outreach programmes, boys clubs, youth clubs, discos, and football clubs.

The people and places that I have recorded were special, sometimes magical, and if anyone, especially from those bygone times, stumbles upon these photos, it will surely bring back some wonderful memories for them too. Today people can take digital photos all the time, but in those days photos were not so easy to take, and after taking the spool to the chemist to get developed, you might find when you get the prints back a week later that some didn’t come out or were blurred, with only a small number of successful captures.  Today many photos can be taken and instantly checked, and saved.  What a difference!

If you recognise yourself or know someone in the photographs, get in touch, let us know how you are doing, or if you can name any of the characters, that would be great. Even if you are not in the photos I hope you enjoy your visit here.


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