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Marybank Visit Fort George 1997

Marybank was a fantastic place to visit lots of historic sites, as it is located not far from the east coast and still in easy reach of the west. Many historic events happened in the Highlands and we were fortunate enough to be able to visit the sites of these important events in our history.

Fort George, named after King George II, was built following the Jacobite uprising that ended with the nearby Battle at Culloden in 1746. It was built by the British Government to suppress the Jacobites and was the main fortress garrison for British Soldiers in Scotland. It is still an active army barracks today.

Marybank made regular visits over the years as part of topic work about Scottish History. During the visit we were able to see characters from the 18th Century, who would interact with the pupils and give them more information as well as answer questions. Pupils also followed a series of tasks on a trail where they had to find and record particular information.

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