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Marybank Tuck Shop

One of the first things we did at Marybank was start two businesses for pupils to gain an insight into dealing with finances.

One of the businesses was a school newspaper and the other was a school Tuck Shop. These business ventures were supported by the TSB Bank that was giving enterpise grants to schools to start small businesses. Each business had a separate bank account and funds provided by the bank to help with start up costs.

The Tuck Shop idea was very popular with the pupils and most parents, and not so much by the village shop as we were now competing with them for some business. In 1991 the tuck shop had crisps, Mars Bars, Bounty Bars, penny items and the like, things with lots of sugar, that would be frowned upon today. There were a few health options introduced, but they were less popular at the time.

To launch the Tuck Shop, which shared a cupboard with the PE equipment, we asked Captain Roderick Stirling, Lord Lieutenant for Ross and Cromarty, Skye and Lochalsh, to open it as he was our local land owner and important person. He was very happy to do so and help serve some of the pupils after cutting the ribbon.

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