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Head Teacher Marybank Primary

After leaving Oxbridge Lane Primary in Stockton-on-Tees in 1991 as class teacher, I moved to the north of Scotland to a small village school called Marybank to become Tom Pike, Head Teacher. I stayed in the adjoining school house for the during the job, expecting to move into a house, but it became quite convenient staying by the school (sometimes too convenient as work was always on hand).

On arriving at the village for the first time it was like beginning a dream, living and working in this village near the main route to Ullapool. The village is situated at the head of the glen leading to Strathconon.

The school itself had two classes; a Primary 1-4 and a Primary 5-7, with just under 40 pupils in total, just a bit more than my class back in Oxbridge. On a visit after securing the job I met my class for the first time, which was an exciting time.

Organising a class of pupils and being responsible for their education over a year, can be daunting in that you want them to do well and continue in the next step of their education. As Head Teacher you are responsible for all the pupils’ education and ultimate readiness to progress to secondary education.

This was a great challenge and during the first year there was definitely a period of adjustment, managing staff and parents, as well as pupils, and organising a class four and a half days with half a day set aside to mange the school. I likened it to spinning plates at the time, as you were constantly rushing around from task to task.

After the settling in period I really enjoyed organising activities to further the school and the development of the pupils.

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