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Marybank Art Work

One of the things I particularly enjoy teaching is art and getting kids to believe that they can draw, when they start from a position of ‘I can’t draw’, to producing successful results that they are very happy about, is quite satisfying. Over time pupils could produce some amazing drawings with fantastic detail, which took time and patience.

Over the years in Marybank we had many very accomplished artists, who developed their skills amazingly well. Some even going on to develop these skills in later life. Another enterprise we started at Marybank, as well as our Tuck Shop and Newspaper, was making notelets. We used the drawings that the children made and turned them into packs of notelets with envelopes, which became very popular with members of our local community. Some of the drawings, which were line drawings done in ink, are included here.

To raise school funds I also started making calendars every year with drawings made by the pupils. The calendars included important school dates and were popular with parents and other members of the community. The image groups here are calendar pages from one of the calendars.

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