Marybank Mosaic

One of the many activities that we undertook at Marybank was to build a mosaic, as part of a community arts project. The community artist John ? guided our work, which was to construct the mosaic on the dull brick wall that divided the levels of the two main buildings.

The mosaic took the form of a time line of famous Scots in history. In class we researched famous Scots that might be suitable to depict on our wall, then had a discussion about who to include. As we had too many, we had to trim the list down to just ten characters, and we did this by votes. It was interesting that early Scots included were there because they won battles or were great leaders of our country. The more recent Scots were included because of inventions or sporting achievements.

The history time line included William Wallace, Robert the Bruce, Mary Queen of Scots, Charles Edward Stuart (Bonnie Prince Charlie), Robert Burns, Sir Walter Scott, Robert Louis Stevenson, John Logie Baird, Eric Liddell and Gavin Hastings. The time line ended with the year 1996, signifying when it was constructed. Sadly the mosaic is no longer there, but the photos of pupils building the mosaic and the finished piece are recorded here for you to enjoy.

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