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Oxbridge Lane Primary – Class Video Projects 1985/6

The main learning topic that my first class were involved in was World War 1, and using video was a great learning tool for each group to present their work to others. The groups were to report the news as it might have been reported in 1914 at the outbreak of war.

News groups had to first be involved in learning and research then after finding the facts about the war, were able to report on the main events, which caused such a devastating war to take place.
At the same time they were gaining video production skills, which would be useful in other areas of our classroom activities, and perhaps even in later life

Each group became a video production team with camera people, news readers, props people and other jobs that helped report the news as it happened in 1914.
Video production was crude in 1985/6, and with today’s technology, these clips have been tidied up a little, but apart from the main points, retain some humorous moments that main not have been apparent to the class at the time, but may appreciate now

In 1985 we used VHS video tapes, which have been transferred to digital, but unfortunately the quality of film is not great having degraded a bit over time.

Groups practise news reading 1914 headlines
Some finished items of 1914 news

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