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Oxbridge Lane Primary – Class Assembly 1985/86

Each class in Oxbridge used to stage an assembly and present it to the school. These usually took a lot of time to prepare, and would sometimes cut into regular class work in order to get it done on time. Depending on what each class was doing, it could take a lot of practice to get it right.

Assemblies usually reflected what pupils were doing in class, so in theory shouldn’t really have presented too much extra, but in reality making sure everyone had a part and were confident about their role, could take time. They also had a religious element in stories and prayer.

During 1985/86 my class were involved in a lot of class video work and went round school recording features for the school Video Mag that we had started. During their visits to classes they recorded a number of activities, and one of them was this assembly. It may have been Mr Kitching’s class or perhaps Mrs Browell or Miss Blackwood.

The movie focus isn’t too good on distance, but is better on close up, but anyone in that class should be able to recognise themselves easily.

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