163 Gorgie Scouts – Aviemore 1970

The 163rd Gorgie Scouts went back to Aviemore in 1970 and left in the usual mode of transport, a removals van!  It would be loaded up in front of our hall at Dalry-Haymarket Church on Dalry Road and we’d all pile on with the gear.  It was fine as they left the top bit of the back door open a bit so we could see.

The weather was great that summer, and it was also the summer when the Commonwealth Games were in Edinburgh.  I had volunteered to help at the games village through the scouts and had a great time meeting the athletes and making new friends.  I think I went with Donald Clifford or Malcolm Lee.  We could only do this job for a short time, as we had to leave for Aviemore camp.

During this camp we were joined by a group of Nigerian scouts, who had been at the Blair Atholl Jamborette.  We enjoyed their company and they mixed well with our activities.  I made friends with a boy called Tunde Adegbola, and we kept in touch for many years after this camp. In fact he came to visit me in the late 1970s when on a visit to Scotland.  Unfortunately we lost touch over the years.

The uniforms had changed from the khaki to dark green, and modern Aviemore Centre was beginning to be developed. Inverness was much the same.

These photos were created from Mr Young (Group Scout Leader’s slides) Great Times!  If you know someone in the photos let us know.

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