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Butlins, Ayr 1957

Around 1957 my parents took me to Butlins holiday camp in Ayr. I was only about three years old, so i don’t really have any real recollection of the event. One memory I do seem to have is from a paddling pool that had a tiered water fountain, and I remember being there with my mother.

There are no photos of the fountain in my collection, but a search on Google found a photo of the water pool and fountain, which is included below. Although I don’t remember it being red at that time it does confirm I had that memory at Butlins in Ayr.

I also have the photos my parents took of themselves and me, taking part in the camp activities.

There were pipe bands, miniature railway, and other activities to keep everyone busy throughout each day. Below are just a few of the photos, the family ones may be included later.

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