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Marybank Visit GlenFinnan 1995

Marybank was a fantastic place to visit lots of historic sites, as it is located not far from the east coast and still in easy reach of the west. Many historic events happened in the Highlands and we were fortunate enough to be able to visit the sites of these important events in our history.

In 1745 at GlenFinnan, Prince Charles Edward Stuart, (Bonnie Prince Charlie) raised the Standard of his father James Francis Edward Stuart, The Old Pretender, whose family was deposed in 1688 and exiled. He was the rightful heir to the British crown and with the help of the Jacobites, he came to claim it. There had been a rising in 1715 for his father, but that failed. Unfortunately Charles’ fate was to end in similar fashion with a final battle at Culloden in 1746.

GlenFinnan has had a monument there since not long after the rising, to commemorate the Jacobites who fought and died for Prince Charles. Here are a few images from our visit there in 1995

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