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Oxbridge Lane Primary – Edinburgh Visit/ Town Trail 1986-87

During a long weekend in 1987 the football team went to Edinburgh, where they visited Edinburgh Castle, Tynecastle Park to watch a football match between Hearts and Aberdeen (I think), and play a match against Clermiston Primary, a school where I previously organised the football team.

The boys all had a great weekend, where Hearts won (I think), but Oxbridge lost 4-2 to Clermiston Primary. Miss Hutchison may have accompanied us on the visit.

As well as this visit we also went to France in 1987 and this was reflected in our classwork, where we were learning French and finding our about Paris in particular.

In session 1986/87 I designed a Stockton/Thornaby Town Trail where in class we studied then and now slides of various landmarks in Stockton and Thornaby and then went to visit these landmarks as they were in 1986/87, some of which were no longer there.

There was then a series of follow up work that each group would be involved in back in class.

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