Nursery 1998

Marybank Primary School Nursery 1998

Marybank Primary School had two classes when I started there and over the years we built a good reputation and we had many children coming to us from outwith our catchment area on placement requests. There was also a new Nursery program starting up where small schools could have a part time Pre-School facility.

Looking at projected numbers and the fact we would need space for a Nursery, our school accommodation just wasn’t large enough. With this in mind I prepared a plan and presented it to the Education department well in advance of our needs, and this was accepted. In a very short time a new portacabin Dining/General Purpose building was erected alongside the existing classroom block. It was a wonderful new space that would become a new focal point for the school.

A Nursery was established and had a variety of part time staff to look after the children and was a great addition to the school.

The names of the children around the table are : Paula, Harley, James, Janelle, Mathew, Andrew Bi, Frances, Iain, Andrew Be and are some of the children of Marybank Nursery 1998. Video begins with Primary 1 outside classroom.

nursery staff 01
Nursery Staff 1998 (seen here with teachers Lorraine and Rosemary) Sheena Mackinnon, Karen Cleland and Ruth Davidson

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