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Various Activities, The Avenue Primary 1983/84

Having gone to Teesside College for my teaching degree, I had hoped to return to Scotland after qualification, but due to a lack of teaching jobs across the UK at the time in 1983, I ended up staying longer in Cleveland than I planned.

It was fine, as I had made lots of new friends and had more school contacts to help in the search for a position. I had also taken a job in social work, as a support worker working with kids aged about 7 to 16 years of age and their families. It help with extra cash to pay the bills, but I really enjoyed the work, although there were some challenging moments to say the least.

My first teaching job was at The Avenue Primary in Middlesbrough, with a lovely Primary 5 class of 15 pupils. More about them can be found in another post here.

While at the school I was involved in whole school activities involving other classes like school trips, parties and other events that staff could support. Here are photos from the Christmas Concert 1983, the younger children of Primary 1, Badminton Club, Easter Egg Competition and various staff from 1983/84.

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