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Marybank CDT

On arriving at Marybank I found the classroom that that we worked in a bit small, although it did have a narrow room adjacent that we could access by a door in the classroom. This extra room was used for art, and next door, separated by a thin partition was a large space set aside for the library and staff room/office.

I felt the space could be used more appropriately and with great support from the clerk of works, had the partition removed, extending my classroom are the whole length of the two rooms. The ‘art’ room was converted into the new library and staff room/office. Then I installed two work benches and acquired tools and other practical items for Art, Craft, Design and Technology.

The pupils were very receptive to these changes and after instruction on safe and correct use of tools, became very creative. Each pupil had a design book, where they would make scale drawings/plans of their ideas. We used themes like pencil holders, book holders, as the motivation, and the design ideas came from the pupils. They ranged from simple letters based on their initials, to more elaborate moving vehicles. Usually a moving part was a bonus.

Here you can see some of their great work, including a page from a design book.

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