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Scottish Independence March 2018

In October 2018 the largest Independence march was held in Edinburgh, starting at Johnston Terrace, by the castle, moving down the High Street, down the Royal Mile and ending by the Parliament at Holyrood Park.

There was an amazing atmosphere with around 100,000 people in all waving their Saltire, Lion Rampant, other country, flags as they marched through the streets of Edinburgh on a pleasant sunny day, all agreed on one thing – we want Independence for our country. People from other countries joined us in supporting our cause, waving their flags with ours.

The Yes movement has become even stronger in recent times, more than ever before, with the Scottish National Party having more MPs in Westminster than ever before in our history, and leading Scotland at Holyrood very successfully. The lies that we had to endure during the 2014 independence referendum have been exposed in recent times, through Brexit and how we were supposed to be equal partners in the UK, better together, but in fact that has never been the case, and clearly never will be!

Now is the time for Scotland to take control of its own affairs, steer our own course in the world, and keep Scotland as that welcoming country that is open to all who wish to live and work here.

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