Oxbridge Lane Primary Pupils 1985-86

During the six years I was at Oxbridge Lane Primary School, Stockton-on-Tees from 1985 โ€“ 1991 I had a great time. The school was a large multicultural school with pupils from a variety of faiths. It had a good reputation in the area with hard working teachers who provided their pupils with a varied and interesting curriculum.

During this period I had responsibility for developing the maths curriculum, as I favoured a more practical, hands on, approach to learning, and PE, as I enjoyed sport, teaching PE throughout the school at times. Alongside activities organised by the school, I organised many additional school activities during my six years at the school, including the school football team.

I taught the older classes Primary 6,7 (Year 5,6), with a different class each year, except one year where I had the same class for two years. This class had some challenging pupils, but I had a wonderful two years with them, as we had a great understanding.

Here are a variety of general photos from 1985-86 which include class photos; some of our work on display; end of school year celebrations and individual photos.  Some names are missing, but will be added as I remember or if anyone can supply names that would be good, as the memory is a bit rusty!

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