Oxbridge Lane Primary – Commonwealth Games 1986

Oxbridge Lane Primary School

I was a teacher at Oxbridge Lane Primary School, Oxbridge, Stockton from 1985 – 1991 and it was a wonderful six years. The school was a large multicultural school with pupils from a variety of faiths. It had a good reputation in the area with hard working teachers who provided their pupils with a varied and interesting curriculum.

During this period I had responsibility for developing the maths curriculum, as I favoured a more practical, hands on, approach to learning, and PE, as I enjoyed sport, teaching PE throughout the school at times. Alongside activities organised by the school, I organised many additional school activities during my six years at the school.

I taught the older classes (Year 5,6), with a different class each year, except one year where I had the same class at Year 5 then Year 6. This class had some challenging pupils, but I had a wonderful two years with them, as we had a great understanding.

In my first school year 1986/87, I organised a trip to Edinburgh for the 1986 Commonwealth Games. We stayed at the Youth Hostel at Brunstfield and we had tickets to various events at Meadowbank Stadium, and enjoyed track and field athletes competing for medals. The weather wasn’t the best that year and it rained a little during our days at the stadium. We also had tickets for swimming and diving events at the Commonwealth Pool.

During our visit to Edinburgh we had other activities planned. Before I went into teaching, I used to run Clermiston Primary School football team and had organised a friendly match for our team. The match went well, although I think we lost 4-1 that day, but the boys, and indeed all of our pupils, enjoyed the hospitality and experience of meeting pupils from a local school.

Our group also enjoyed the sights and visited Edinburgh Castle, Princes Street and Gardens, Leith Water World, and the Butterfly Farm among other things.

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