163 Gorgie Scouts – Balquhidder 1971

The last time we visited Balquhidder was in 1966, and and we returned in 1971, as we did with so many popular camp sites across Scotland.

The weather that year was sunny and hot, ideal for camping.  Mr R.B.Young was the Group Scout Leader and Eric Carbarns was Scout Leader.  The site was surrounded by trees with a path leading to the nearby river, which was ideal for water activities. We travelled to Perthshire in a removals van, along with the tents and other gear, something that Health and Safety would be jumping up and down about today.  Although not the most comfortable way to travel, it worked and without incident.

During summer camps we usually had a day trip somewhere and in 1971 we went to Blair Drummond Safari Park. On the second Sunday parents and friends came to visit for the day.  We had the much repaired two man canoe and rubber dinghies, and ‘cottage’ tents that the Juniour Leaders liked, because the canvas was thick and dark, ideal for light mornings.

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